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    Premium Bio gift box

    Price €44.00
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    * Pamako Organic Monovarietal is an award-winning one-color organic extra virgin olive oil from the Tsounati variety 500ml

    *Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Condimenti  " Ariston "  Fig / Acidity 4% 250ml  

    * Salt Odyssey - Sea Salt Flaks with Lemon 75gr

    * Throuba selected one by one Olive P.D.O.  400gr

    Greek Summer Black Gift Box

    Price €53.50
    Availability: 1 In Stock

    -  Crafted  in 100%  pure fine cotton, the  lightwait TULUM  towel  mystifies  and mesmories,

    wishperings, from   unforgettable  summer.

    - Handmade soap Snob Duck 100gr Almond Milk &Louqid Silk

    Chic Tinetto Blue Gift Box

    Price €50.00
    Availability: 1 In Stock

    gift box 

    Beach towel Tinetto Blue 50% tencel & 50% cotton

    Lux Olive & Verbena Soap HANDMADE

    Loufa sponge 100 % natural

    Gift box for men

    Price €27.50
    Availability: 5 In Stock

    * Revitalizizing Face cream for men after shave ~ Bio Olive Oil, Bio Aloe Vera & Dictamnus Εxtract

    * Hand & Foot cream~ for dry skeen ~ Bio Olive Oil, Bio Aloe Vera & Shea Butter

    * Handmade chokolate dark 80%  ~ Greece 

    Availability: 2 In Stock

    Gentle shower gel 250 ml with sweet aroma dark  Chocolate for an immediate feeling of rejuvenation. Its rich moisturizing action enhances the elasticity of the skin Body Lotion 250ml.

    The active extracts Aloe * and Jojoba * that strengthen the skin's natural defenses while providing anti-inflammatory properties. Helps protect the skin, tones, and moisturizes.

    *Biological culture

    Free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Vaseline, Propylene Glycol, Silicones, Pigments.