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    Premium bio gift box

    Price €45.00
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    * Pamako Organic Monovarietal is an award-winning one-color organic extra virgin olive oil from the Tsounati variety 500ml

    *Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Condimenti  " Ariston "  Fig / Acidity 4% 250ml  

    * Salt Odyssey - Sea Salt Flaks with Lemon 75gr

    * Throuba selected one by one Olive P.D.O.  400gr

    Elixir of healt gift box

    Price €44.00
    Availability: 2 In Stock

    * Organic Agoureleo Golden Tree Wile Atos  acitidy less 0,2 from green olives Chalkidikis 250ml - pure Elixir 

    * Organic PINE HONY from MOUNT ATHOS 400gr

    * Organic TAXINI  OLYMPOS  280GR

    * Organic Revitalizing Tea Olympos -Olimpos tea, lemon balm, sage, pepermint

    * Handmade Olive Tree Craft for Hony

    Organic Gourmet Gift Box

    Price €37.00
    Availability: 3 In Stock

    * Organic Black Stelios Garlic Gloves  80gr

    * Organic Black Stelios Garlic Paste    100gr

    *  Organic Black Stelios Garlic Fleur de Sel  75gr

    *Dressing Olive Oil  KYKLOPAS  with Garlic  100ml

    * Olive Wood Craft Handmade  set of 2 ( knife and small spoon)