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The website www.olivetreespecial.gr is the online store for the exhibition and distribution of individual pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products based in Halkidiki, Neos Marmaras, Vesna Veliovic - Olive Tree Special, PC 63081, AFM: EL121754750, phone +93 233 237 email info@olivetreespecial.gr. The online shop allows its users to place orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week via the website and by phone from 10:00 - 18:00 Monday through Friday. The user has the choice of payment method, location shipping or receipt from the physical store as well as the choice of document type (receipt or sales invoice). Greek law prohibits the sale of medicines and the prescription of insurance funds over the Internet.

Modifications of terms and services.

The website www.olivetreespecial.gr reserves the right to update and modify these terms and conditions of trading based on online store requirements and pharmaceutical laws. The site www.olivetreespecial.gr undertakes to inform its users of any changes to the trading terms and conditions, however these modifications do not apply to orders that have already been placed.

The site www.olivetreespecial.gr is entitled at any time and without notice to change the nature and content of this site, as well as temporarily suspend or suspend its operation. The operation of this site may also be suspended or suspended or suspended for reasons beyond the control or will of www.olivetreespecial.gr.


The site www.olivetreespecial.gr is the official website of Vesna Veliovic. All content posted, such as names, texts, images, photos, trade logos and graphic design, are the exclusive property of the online store and are protected by Greek and International Copyright and Unlawful Law.

User Obligations

Customer is obliged to read the Terms of Use before registering with www.olivetreespecial.gr and prior to placing orders. Customer is deemed to have accepted the terms of use in the event of any use of the Website Services.

Use of this site must be for legal purposes only and in no way interfere with its use by third parties. The visitor / user is obliged in accordance with the Law, good manners and these Terms, not to act or omit that may damage or malfunction on this site (website), or affect or jeopardize the provision services from www.olivetreespecial.gr.

This website and the services offered through it are solely for adults. Minors are prohibited from using or visiting him, as well as entering into transactions. Www.olivetreespecial.gr bears no responsibility whatsoever for any visit to this site and its use by minors, as it cannot control the identity of incoming users / visitors.

Users also accept:

Do not use the site www.olivetreespecial.gr to send, post or otherwise transmit any content that is unlawful, causing harm to the online store and business or to any third party.

Do not offend moral and social values.

Do not reproduce content that expresses racial or other discrimination.

Do not violate personal privacy.

Limitation of Liability

The staff at www.olivetreespecial.gr make every effort to provide high quality services.

www.olivetreespecial.gr is not responsible for any adverse effects or damage caused by the use of ordered products due to incorrect user selection of products, careless or incorrect use of the products, or to the fault of the manufacturer, such as fault during manufacture, incomplete information or instructions. accompanying the products, manufacturing quality, material safety and real defects. Our liability in the case of a defective product is limited to the obligation to replace it if the conditions for returning the product are met.

Product returns are accepted within 14 days of the date of receipt of the product if the products have not been used. Excludes milk where refunds are not permitted by law.

Discount coupons cannot be used for invoice purchases.

Offers of certain products may include restrictions on the maximum number of purchase items per order (eg up to 3 pieces), due to restrictions on product availability.

The website www.olivetreespecial.gr and Vesna Veliovic provide no guarantee that there will be no errors or interruptions to its services.

The site www.olivetreespecial.gr and Vesna Veliovic provide no guarantee of product availability as it is affected by factors of both national and international trade. It is our responsibility to timely inform customers of unavailability and prompt refunds.

Www.olivetreespecial.gr and Vesna Veliovic are not responsible for delays in executing orders based on force majeure such as natural disasters, strikes, etc.

The website www.olivetreespecial.gr and Vesna Veliovic provide no warranty for any inaccuracies in product information as provided by manufacturers or distributors.

Www.olivetreespecial.gr and Vesna Veliovic are responsible for the validity of the pharmaceutical advice and services they provide but do not replace the advice of your physician or pharmacist.

Www.olivetreespecial.gr and Vesna Veliovic are responsible for the validity of the pharmaceutical advice and services they provide but do not replace the advice of your physician or pharmacist.