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MARMARO  Olive Oil is an early harvest extra virgin olive oil of high quality with low acidity and high content of polyphenols. Its rich and full flavor combined with its intense fruity aroma and spicy aftertaste make it an excellent choice for most of your culinary creations.

Type : monovarietal – chondroelia Chalkidiki  (Early Harvest)
Origin : Polygyros – Chalkidiki
Intense : robust
Packaging Type : metallic can
Net Weight : 500ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil -ENTELECHIA

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Entelechia olive oil comes from the excellent quality green olive of Chalkidiki.

It is produced exclusively by cold pressing, preserving its rich taste, aroma, and color.

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Gomati – Chalkidiki

TYPE: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
VARIETY: Chondrolia
AROMAS: Fresh grass, olive and tomato leaves, artichoke, and almonds.