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Organic -Bio Agoureleo Wild Athos  2 % acidity  EVOO

K232 (1,824)  K270 (0,123)

 Organic Extra Virgin  Olive Oil from Chalkidiki cold-pressed of superior quality.It is produced from trees aged 300 years old olives gloves in a region characterized as Natura in Chalkidiki straight from immature green grafted wild olive trees and olive trees of local varieties in Chalkidiki and produced only by mechanical methods. It is reached in  VITAMINS, ANTIOXIDANTS & POLYPHENOLS.

Fesh  & Fruity, perfection mildly bitter olive oil.


FIG SOAP Snob Duck 100gr

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Snod Duck are 100% handmade cold press soaps, from manufacture to packaging. Using extra virgin olive oil from our olive grove, Greek herbs and fruits. Recycled paper for our packaging. Turning our waste and imperfections into new products, looking for other waste to pack our orders not because we are stingy or less professional to make our own, but there is a lot out there. Besides, we assume it is surprisingly tempting for our customers to open mystery boxes. The weight varies from "duck" to "duck", which is natural.

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Makri variety 100% EVOO 

500ml glass botlle

  Extra virgin olive oil with an exceptionally low acidity , produced from the Makri olive, which has unique characteristics thanks to the local micro climate and the estate’s soil structure, and is harvested in the middle of October.

One the most awarded Greek olive oil!

ARGAN & MARINE COLLAGEN SERUM - face & neck 40ml

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Anti-Age organic aloe and olive oil,argan oil and marine collagen serum for youthful glowing skin, suitable for face and neck. Marine collagen combined with Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid penetrate and moisturize the skin, enhance its elasticity, firming while helping delay the aging process. Apply on clean and dry skin.

Argan Gold Soap

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Therapeutic properties of Argan oil for Face and Body

With a great anti-aging effect.

Helps the skin to preserve its elasticity, firmness and youthful appearance.

It is ideal for the prevention and treatment of cracked skin, combating wrinkles and reducing dark spots.

Volcano Deep Tan Oil 100ml

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Volcano Deep Tan Oil gives your skin the luxurious feel of an oil in an easy-to-use spray. This unique formula that contains olive, carrot, argan, coconut, almond, grapeseed and walnut oil, gives a quick tan while keeps skin soft, moisturized and glowing. Does not contain screening filters, thus does not protect from UV radiation.

Ideal for:

  • Face
  • Body


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OLIVE OIL & ARGAN OIL 100 % Maroccan Oil ~ 100ml

Refreshing, moisturizing body oil suitable for massage. Refreshing blend with organic olive oil and sensual aroma. Apply the product to the body and with circular motions enjoying a perfect massage.

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BIO OLIVE OIL & ARGAN OIL 100 % Maroccan oil~ 100 ml


 ARGAN HAIR OIL  HAIR OIL TREATMENT is Rich leave-in treatment enriched with organic olive oil, argan oil along with silk that will penetrate and help strengthen the hair, while providing incredible softness, manageability and shine without build up. Directions: Apply a small amount into palm of hand and work evenly throughout the hair. Leave in and proceed with styling...on wet or dry hair.

Hair Mask Volcano 200ml

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The Santo Volcano Spa hair mask rich in volcanic water, organic olive oil and laurel oil, revitalizes, nourishes and restores the natural elasticity of the hair and protects it from split ends. It gives shine and volume to the hair without leaving oily residues after washing.

Ideal for:

  • Hair
  • All hair types

Lip Balm 5.5ml

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The Lip Balm from Santo Volcano Spa (SPF 15) moisturizes and softens dry or chapped lips.

This unique formula provides intensive care against air, very hot or very cold weather.

Ideal for:

  • Lip care

Suitable for:

  • Dry and dehydrated lips


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Face cream with organic olive oil, argan oil and aloe vera, moisturizing substances, vitamin complex, allantoin and almond oil. Regenerates, moisturizes, restores and nourishes the skin. Helps the elimination of the wrinkles and anti-ageing process,cremy texture.For dry skin,normal - combinated skin, also and for a little oily skin.Excellent resalt  for  ± 45 and up.

Donkey Milk Treasures Anti- Age Eye Cream - 40ml

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EYE CREAM with donky milk

Argan oil, organic aloe vera, organic oilive oil protecting the sensitive area around ayea and keepingthe skin compact and deeply moisturised.Eliminated signns og fatigue preventing dark circles and formation of under eyes bags.

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Handmade from 100% edible natural fibre of the konjac plant (Amorphophallus Konjac) combined with volcanic water. Natural, containing no chemical additives. Offering mild exfoliation, blackheads removal, enlaraged pores zoom out and rebalances of skin’s pH level. The addition of volcanic water rich in trace elements and minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Silica boost skin’s hydration, elasticity and firmness.

Ideal for:

  • Deep cleanse & Exfoliation
  • Oily & Acne prone skin
  • Blackheads & Enlarged pores
  • Sensitive or irritated skin
  • Make up Remover

Hand and Nails Cream 100ml

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The Santo Volcano Spa hand cream, rich in volcanic water, organic olive oil and aloe, is instantly absorbed without leaving any oiliness and it protects from premature ageing, giving your hands a silky texture and long - lasting softness.

Ideal for:

  • Extremely dry areas
  • Atopic-prone skin (psoriasis, eczema 

Avocado Oil 100ml

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100% Natural origin Avocado oil cold pressed, Persea Gratissima. An extremely moisturizing, antiaging oil due to its concentration of Vitamins A, B, D, E, palmitic acid, oleic and linoleic acid. Very penetrative, transmits thus easier its beneficial properties to the skin .

Ideal for :

  • Face in first
  • Body & Hair also

Suitable for:

  • Dry to very dry, dehydrated and mature skin, stretch marks, damaged hair from intensive styling. Also recommended for daily use like a very fine oil and as it contains high percentage of Vitamins A and E.

How to use:

  • Apply on clean face and body providing gentle massage for better absorption. On damp hair, root to ends, as a hydrating treatment before washing, leaving it on for at least 30 minutes.

Contains 100ml

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And snob ... and cococo ..

Snod Duck are 100% handmade cold soaps, from manufacture to packaging.

Using extra virgin olive oil from our olive grove, Greek herbs and fruits. Recycled paper for our packaging.

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24 HOURS T MOISTURE FACIAL CREAM Facial cream with organic olive oil, donkey milk, argan oil, aloe vera, moisturizing elements, vegetable and organic extracts, oils and vitamins for re-generation and deep moisturizing of the skin.50ml