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Organic Black Garlic Pearl

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Organic Black Garlic Pearl -80 gr

We named it ... a precious gift.

By using molecular knowledge we could only create something equally valuable. Black Pearl. When we remove the garlic, after a long stay in the chambers, we need to give him some time to breathe. So place it in tanks. There you have the craving for us to come and throw away all its liquefied sugars. Black Garlic Molasses. With the power of the flavor of molasses and flavors of pine honey in such a small sphere that bursts and fills the palate.

Organic Black Garlic Clove

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Organic Black Garlic Clove

With a playful soft caramel texture.

Its flavor reminiscent of praline notes with the acidity of a mild balsamic, leaving a sweet garlic aftertaste in the palate.

Its color is due to natural aging-aging in specially constructed chambers with controlled temperature and humidity rates.

The golden-yellow color of the bulb when it comes out of the curing chamber - after a total of 90 days - is really like preparing you for its interior.

Organic Paste Black Garlic

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Organic² - Organic Paste Black Garlic

Organic clove of garlic from the famous producers of Evros and organic olive oil of Pelion of Voliotis family. Mating two excellent quality materials are able to lead you to paths that smell .... .earth.

The black garlic clove has strong flavors of caramel plum, giving off a natural smoky flavor. When it is dressed with the golden-yellow color and taste of olive oil and two materials become one, then it is a gastronomic feast.

It can be transformed and combined with a butter until the marinating of a wild hunted on the hull. With organic ketchup as a dipstick for fresh fried potatoes, up to a meal for a barbecue meat. Add anise or some ouzo and serve it with your seafood.

Cooking does not mean limits and conditions. Dare it!

Balsamic cream Pomegranate...
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Balsamic cream Pomegranate - Messino 250ml

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Messino Balsamic Pomegranate cream is an award-winning recipe. The refined Messino balsamic, with its mild acidity and light finish, meets the fresh concentrated juice of Greek pomegranates of excellent quality, creating an exceptional culinary result for the dishes of your choice. The special award-winning cream is a unique combination of balanced acidity with intense sweet and sour, fruity taste, deep red color, full of antioxidants, and aftertaste of real fruit.

Ideal for salad dressing of any kind. Also with meat as a glaze on pork or turkey. Try it as a dip or glaze on salty cheeses.

* White balsamic vinegar 40%, concentrated pomegranate juice.

* It does not contain gluten, added sugars, fragrances, and dyes.

* Suitable for a Vegan diet.     

Balsamico Fig Cream -...
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Balsamico Fig Cream - Messino 250ml

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Messino Balsamic Cream One of the most beloved and famous Messinian -Greek fruits comes to join our favorite balsamic vinegar to create fig balsamic cream. Aged Messino balsamic embraces concentrated grape must and is enriched with natural fig extract, creating an unforgettable dining experience. It is characterized by an earthy aroma, a sweet and sour, fruity taste, and an aftertaste reminiscent of a ripe aromatic fig. With salads, especially those containing fruit or cheese, as well as salads with cabbage or carrot. Add extra flavor and interest to cooked, roasted, or boiled vegetables. It offers flavor balance as a dip or glazes to savory cheeses and cured meats, such as prosciutto while highlighting softer, cooler cheeses such as anthotyro and mozzarella.

Balsamico Cream Messino 250ml

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Balsamico Cream Messino created the classic balsamic cream, faithfully following the traditional family recipe of years and having as a basis the traditional balsamic vinegar of its own production. This special cream comes from mixing aged Messino balsamic with concentrated grape must. A cream that gives us a rich sweet and sour taste, with a deep balsamic aroma and dark color, is sure to give a different dimension to the dishes you create. Use for salads, up on chees, marinate your roasts, ice - creams, and yogurt.

Contains 40% balsamic vinegar and concentrated grape must.

It does not contain gluten and added sugars.

Suitable for a Vegan diet.

 250 ml