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 Bio-Organic  Early Harvest- Agoureleo

    2 % acidity    K232 (1,824)  K270 (0,123)

 Organic Extra Virgin  Olive Oil - Chalkidiki cold-pressed of superior quality. It is produced from trees aged 300 years old olives gloves in a region characterized as Natura in Chalkidiki straight from immature green grafted wild olive trees and olive trees of local varieties in Chalkidiki and produced only by mechanical methods. It is reached in VITAMINS, ANTIOXIDANTS & POLYPHENOLS. Fruit  balanced with a bitter taste.

The Golden Tree uses modern novel technologies and processes for the production and standardization of olive oil in order to maximize the health benefits for the health of customers. To ensure the health of the consumer, the company has ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP health certificates.

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Organic Athonic Pure Olive Oil is an exceptional quality Greek gourmet extra virgin olive oil, from hand-picked Greek olives from November. It is produced by the method of cold pressing at low temperatures, under controlled hygienic conditions.

It is a high-quality product, light, and sweet extra virgin olive oil, with an excellent and balanced fruity taste and rich aroma. It has all the valuable ingredients of natural olive juice and is rich in vitamins A and E, without cholesterol.

Maximum acidity 0.4, K 270 max 0.22, K 232 max 2.5, DK max 0.01, Peroxides max 20 meq 02 / kg, 

The harvest year 2022  acidity is 0,2- 0,3 %