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    Organic -Bio Agoureleo Wild Athos  2 % acitidy  EVOO

    K232 (1,824)  K270 (0,123)

     Organic Extra Virgin  Olive Oil from Chalkidiki  cold pressed of superrior quallity.It is produced from trees aged 300 years old olives gloves in a region characterisedas Natura in Chalkidiki straight from immature green grafted wild olive trees  and olive trees  of local varieties in Chalkidiki  and produced only by  mechanical  methodos. It is reach in  VITAMINS, ANTIOXIDANTS & POLYPHENOLS.

    Fesh  & Fruty, perfection midly bitter olive oil.


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    Makri variety 100% EVOO 

    500ml glass botlle

      Extra virgin olive oil with an exceptionally low acidity , produced from the Makri olive, which has unique characteristics thanks to the local micro climate and the estate’s soil structure, and is harvested in the middle of October.

    One the most awarded Greek olive oil!

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    • * Centuries-old olive grove with an ideal microclimate.
    • * Organic farming with strict application of organic farming standards.
    • * Monovarietal / Makri olive variety.
    • * Region: Makri, Region of Evros, in the province of Thrace.
    • * Early harvest / Cold pressed.
    • * Olives harvested by hand.
    • * Olives pressed within 90 minutes max. of harvest.
    • * Limited production (2019: 1640 bottles).
    • * Acidity: very low (<0.3%).
    • * Aromatic Notes: banana peel, freshly cut grass, green apple, tomato
    • * Taste: sweet, green almond, tomato, black pepper
    • * Availability: only in fully opaque 500ml bottles, with flow control.
    • * Production: at Kyklopas (Argyris Kelidis) olive mill.


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    Produced exclusively from the ancient Tsounati olive variety, Efkrato is an organic, high phenolic, extra virgin olive oil of limited production. It perfectly balances the aromas of fruits with the bitterness of the early harvest olive. It can also be used as a dietary supplement as its precise method of harvesting and production makes Efkrato very nutritional and rich in antioxidants.

    * Origin: Rethymnon, Crete

    * Variety: Tsounati (ancient local variety)

    *Limited production

    * Farming: Organic

    * Methods of cultivation/ production: Practically impossible to deploy in large quantities

    * High Phenolic: more than 400% above the limit that allows for the health claim,