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    Organic Black Garlic Pearl

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    Organic Black Garlic Pearl -80 gr

    We named it ... a precious gift.

    By using molecular knowledge we could only create something equally valuable. Black Pearl. When we remove the garlic, after a long stay in the chambers, we need to give him some time to breathe. So place it in tanks. There you have the craving for us to come and throw away all its liquefied sugars. Black Garlic Molasses. With the power of the flavor of molasses and flavors of pine honey in such a small sphere that bursts and fills the palate.

    Organic Black Garlic Clove

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    Organic Black Garlic Clove

    With a playful soft caramel texture.

    Its flavor reminiscent of praline notes with the acidity of a mild balsamic, leaving a sweet garlic aftertaste in the palate.

    Its color is due to natural aging-aging in specially constructed chambers with controlled temperature and humidity rates.

    The golden-yellow color of the bulb when it comes out of the curing chamber - after a total of 90 days - is really like preparing you for its interior.

    Organic Paste Black Garlic

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    Organic² - Organic Paste Black Garlic

    Organic clove of garlic from the famous producers of Evros and organic olive oil of Pelion of Voliotis family. Mating two excellent quality materials are able to lead you to paths that smell .... .earth.

    The black garlic clove has strong flavors of caramel plum, giving off a natural smoky flavor. When it is dressed with the golden-yellow color and taste of olive oil and two materials become one, then it is a gastronomic feast.

    It can be transformed and combined with a butter until the marinating of a wild hunted on the hull. With organic ketchup as a dipstick for fresh fried potatoes, up to a meal for a barbecue meat. Add anise or some ouzo and serve it with your seafood.

    Cooking does not mean limits and conditions. Dare it!