List of products by brand Volcano Spa

Volcanic Water for Face and...

Regular price €12.30 -€2.30 Price €10.00

The ultra-fine pure, active mist allows the skin to absorb beneficial Minerals, Trace Elements along with the Volcanic water and gives its unique composition to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Provides protection from facial redness, skin irritation, sunburn, dipper rash, removes make-up, ideal after shaving and post-workout, during travel and outdoor...

Deep Tanning Cream 100ml

Regular price €27.50 -€11.50 Price €16.00

A rich Mediterranean tan can be achieved with this unique formula of creamy gel from Santo Volcano Spa. With rich moisturizing agents like carrot oil, extra sunflower oil and almond oil for intensive skin care, protects against premature aging. Ideal for a quick and easy tan that lasts. Ideal for: Body Suitable for: All skin types

Volcano Deep Tan Oil 100ml

Regular price €17.20 -€7.20 Price €10.00

Volcano Deep Tan Oil gives your skin the luxurious feel of an oil in an easy-to-use spray. This unique formula that contains olive, carrot, argan, coconut, almond, grapeseed and walnut oil, gives a quick tan while keeps skin soft, moisturized and glowing. Does not contain screening filters, thus does not protect from UV radiation. Ideal for: Face Body

Hair Mask 200ml

Regular price €22.50 -€6.50 Price €16.00

The Santo Volcano Spa hair mask rich in volcanic water, organic olive oil and laurel oil, revitalizes, nourishes and restores the natural elasticity of the hair and protects it from split ends. It gives shine and volume to the hair without leaving oily residues after washing. Ideal for: Hair Suitable for: All hair types

Sulfate-Free Shampoo for...

Regular price €18.80 -€5.50 Price €13.30

The Santo Volcano Spa shampoo for dry/color-treated and damaged hair is a specially designed formula rich in volcanic water, organic olive oil and honey. It preserves and protects the hair colour from various external factors that can alter it such as the sun, the environment and the daily styling, whereas at the same time it improves the texture of the...