The unique climatic conditions in nature and the soil as well as the rigorous application of good practices throughout the production chain to storage give a particularly high content of polyphenols, accompanied by a moderate fruity aroma with pronounced bitter flavor characteristics and mild, spicy notes. A product ideal for your daily diet.

Pamako Healthy High Phenolic Organic Extra Virgin Olive*~ comes from olive groves that are located next to the ancient city of Elyros, in the rocky area, Selino, in the prefecture of Chania, Crete, at an altitude of 500 to 700 meters in a rough and rugged terrain, very hard to reach at places with no road access to the majority of the olive groves.

Cultivation and harvesting are extremely challenging due to the morphology of the ground and the size of the trees.

No use of chemical fertilizers or sprays is done so that the olive juice will be as healthy as cretans produced it, before 200 years.

At an average height of about 11 meters with some over 18 meters and an average age of around 200 years, each tree has a different “personality” and so it is treated with a unique way.

The microclimate of the area, is an ideal ally to cultication effort. Sunny and windy are the best conditions whilst blossoming and cold rainy days during harvest protect them naturally from diseases and make fertilizing much easier. 

The second variety we cultivate is KORONEIKI.Its a much more recent variety, having been introduced over the last century but having showen a surprising reslience growing alongside the tsunati variety.

From two variety, 60% Tsunati variety & 40% Koroneiki variety give as perfect Fresh but Strong and fruty aroma with mildy spicy elements and also  mildly bitter taste.

Reccomended for all of you who prefer more fruty olive oil, organic, the best !

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